Local Vanity Phone Numbers

Local Vanity Phone Number

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  • Please contact us before you purchase to ensure availability

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A Vanity Telephone Number is a number that is easy to remember because it spells something and means something like 786-LAWYERS.  A vanity number, being a phone-word, is easier to remember than a numerical phone number such as 202-348-7934.  Businesses use easy recognizable local vanity numbers as both a branding and a direct response tool in their advertising (radio, television, print, outdoor, etc.)

local vanity phone number

Is this a one time payment?

Yes, all local Vanity Phone Numbers are only a one time payment of $99

Can I use the number with an existing line or a new line?

Our team will set up your new number for you and either forward the number to an existing line or port the number to a new line.

Can I change my type of website later on?

Of course!  If you started out with a one page website or even a multiple page website and want to start selling products, then our team can easily transform your site into an online store.

What if there isn't any available vanity numbers for my area code?

Please contact us before you place your order to ensure that your vanity phone number is available for your local area code.  We will try our best to secure a catchy vanity number for your business.

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